Let’s speak about the numerous sorts of games available in casinos, both live and online. Now that I’ve covered the fundamental odds and RTP percentages of slot machines we can go to different slot types.

There were just a few slot machines accessible in the past. But, the online casino business has completely changed the way slots are manufactured.

Different slot types and different payout system

Here are a handful of the most common sorts of slots, along with some key qualities to remember:

  • Classic Slots: These games typically feature 1-5 paylines and a straightforward paytable. The greatest potential gain is restricted at 1.000 bets or less on these machines, therefore they don’t give huge rewards. High RTP and moderate to medium volatility are common characteristics of these devices.
  • Video slots offer anything from five to hundreds of paylines, and they frequently include bonus games, mini-jackpots, and other large payouts. As a result, video slots are notoriously volatile, with RTPs seldom exceeding 96 percent.
  • Progressive Slots: Apart from the progressive prize, progressive slots are typically quite normal video slots. Their return on investment (RTI) is frequently in the 94 percent area. They do, however, provide life-changing prizes to a few lucky players who are chosen at random.
  • Megaways Slots: Megaways slots are a creation of the online casino business and are among the most entertaining games available. These games boast massive jackpots worth tens of thousands of dollars, but they also have extremely high volatility. Megaways games might necessitate a huge budget.

If you play slots, especially online, you’ll find that there are a number of hybrid games. With different slot types there are even some highly odd games that don’t fall into any of these categories.

These games are all categorised as video slots, and they all have unique elements that you’ll discover when you read over the paytable and play the game.